Hardcore Darkness

Hardcore Darkness really sets the bar for difficulty in Minecraft. Standard darkness in the game without this mod is still pretty visible at night. The only true darkness comes when you enter a torch-less cave. Well now that darkness envelopes the entire realm.


Things now get incredibly difficult as you can’t even see the ground in front of you without a torch.


On top of watching out for enemies you’ll now have to be aware of cliff edges and random holes along your travels. It may just be best to stay indoors.


And to make things that much more difficult, the nether is also pitch dark as well. Thankfully there’s a lot of lava and glowstone to guide you better.


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Hardcore Darkness, 3.42 / 5 (36 votes)


  1. This is a staple for horror maps. 😀

    November 17, 2016