Goblin Traders

Goblin Traders is a mod that adds Overworld and Nether goblins that you can trade with! They can be found randomly throughout caves and they function similarly to wandering traders. Plus they have some pretty excellent items up for grabs that you don’t typically find with villagers.

Goblins in the overworld can be found anywhere from level 64 and below. Once you see one, simply begin a trade as you normally would and the menu will pop up instantly.

These goblins seem to have much more exclusive and rare items to trade than villagers, which should make your journey that much more beneficial when you come across one of them. But be warned as they don’t particular like being messed with or attacked. Good graces will go far.

Goblins can also be found lurking through the Nether and can be a serious breath of fresh air if you end up in a bind.

These are called Vein Goblin Traders and they have Nether exclusive items. Their inventories are also just as bountiful as their Overworld counterparts!

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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