The Gobber mod adds a new ore to the game to further enhance armor and weapons for your travels and adventures. It also adds a series of magical rings, staffs, and medallions for an even more mystical experience! It all starts with the Gobber ore that can be found in the Overworld as well as the Nether and the End.

There are four new armor sets you can make depending on what type of Gobber Ore you have. They range in strength from standard Gobber armor, Nether, and then End/Dragon as the highest tiers. Plus with a full set of Dragon Armor you can fly as if you were playing in creative mode!

This mod adds a series of Area Defense Blocks that add buffs if a player comes within a certain radius. The Healer, Protector, and Defender provide healing effects ranging from 16 to 64 blocks and the Protector and Defender will also kill mobs in the same radii. These would be perfect to line your structures to avoid enemies.

There are many magical rings you can forge for a variety of powerful abilities to add to your arsenal. The Ring of the Miner will break a large area of blocks around you and leave only the ores exposed.

The Ring of the Blaze will provide fire protection and kill blazes in a 10 block radius. They will also always drop blaze rods with each kill.

And the Ring of Dismissal will cast violent mobs away if held in your main hand.

Along with the rings you can also craft magical medallions like the Medallion of Water Breathing.

And magical staffs like the Staff of Ensnarement that can capture animals and mobs! Simply right-click to capture a mob and then left-click wherever you want to release it.

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  1. amazing mod lots of possibilities and some things really are overpowered but hey that’s what modding is for right ? i love the design of the ores rings weapons and armor it’s very cool so keep up the amazing work

    March 14, 2021
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