Get Ya’ Tanks Here

Get Ya’ Tanks Here is a modular liquid storage mod that can store water, lava, or any other modded liquid. The tanks start at Tier 1 and they can store 4 buckets at a time.

You can craft a series of upgrades to increase the capacity and durability of subsequent tanks. Tier 2 tanks can hold 16 buckets.

Tier 3 can hold 64 buckets.

Tier 4 can hold 256 buckets and tier 5 can hold 1024.

This is a great mod for mass storage of liquid and the liquid can be easily retrieved from the tanks via an empty bucket or if you have a tube transfer mod already installed. This mod also requires an additional API installed found here.

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Get Ya’ Tanks Here, 3.62 / 5 (86 votes)


  1. Very simple mod to store liquids without the use of energy or advanced storebases. However the upgrades cost a little bit too less, especially if you have an infinite water source or so.

    October 21, 2018