Fine Stuff

This mod provides a bunch of little tweaks to Minecraft to make it a much more functional and pleasant experience. It takes some of the tedium out of the game that some may experience and allows you to enjoy it on a whole new level. Take for example the Igniter that is resistant to rain and will burn multiple blocks at once. This makes clearing large flammable areas a breeze.

The Drainer works to clear up large bodies of any liquid. So instead of placing blocks to remove the liquid, this block just takes care of it for you in a snap.

The Launcher is a handy projectile block that can fire off various items depending on what you intend to use it for. It functions incredibly well for firing off arrows and TNT blocks as well as snowballs.

Sturdy Stone blocks are blast resistant and come in a variety of colors. So now you can make your buildings or walls much safer from damage if they happen to be in an area prone to it.

These are just a few of the many more tweaks contained in this mod so be sure to check it out to unlock its full potential! The forum also lists the other tweaks available.

Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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