Easy Crafting Mod

The Easy Crafting Mod is a simple crafting table tweak that streamlines your crafting experience. It puts a simple GUI together to automate any recipe that can be made with what’s available in your inventory.


All you need to do for this mod to work is have craftable items in your inventory when you open the table. You’ll see a set of items load in the top portion that shows you what can be made with your items. And then all you need to do is grab as many as you need or can make. It also functions as a storage system for items you don’t want to include in your crafts. Just put them in the middle red section and they’ll be omitted from your available options.


This mod makes it super easy to quickly grab the items you need without having to put together the recipes. Plus you can grab multiple crafts at the same time instead of continually placing blocks for different recipes. There’s even a search section with the tabs on the left of the GUI. This section lists all the available items and the ones marked in green are what you can craft.


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