The Wasteland mod is an entirely new, yet still familiar, way to play Minecraft. If you’re a fan of the Fallout series you’ll want to get this mod. You’ll need to create a brand new world for this but it’s truly incredible.


You’ll start in a fallout shelter with a chest that’ll help get you started. But once you step out you’ll see just how barren everything has become.



After some exploration you should come across many desolate and abandoned villages. Enter with caution as they’re usually inhabited by zombies, even during the day. And you may find a few chests with goodies in them so be sure the check everywhere.


Be careful around radioactive pools of water. You’ll be poisoned for a few seconds but the damage could add up especially in a world with very little food to be found.


You may also come across an entire city abandoned and in ruins. It’s full of mobs and loot but it’s also massive and terrifying at times. As with everywhere else in this mod, proceed with caution.


This mod is the perfect way to experience a true wasteland in Minecraft. It gives you a different perspective on how you play and adds a new level of difficulty. It does require an additional API to run found here.

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Wasteland, 4.13 / 5 (267 votes)


  1. Do villagers still spawn normally? I haven’t seen any when exploring the villages.

    May 3, 2016
    • It said there would be ‘desolate and abandoned villages’. So, I’d assume not.

      July 3, 2016
  2. Two questions on this mod. Does it work with FTB infinity and how can I get this set up as a server?

    February 16, 2017