Duckling Mod

The Duckling mod is an adorable mod that adds three types of ducks to the game. You will see white ducks and mallards spawning mostly in river biomes and if you don’t see them right away you’ll certainly hear them quacking about somewhere!

The ducks can also be spawned from either duck spawn eggs or there is a chance for them to spawn if you actually throw a duck egg. The duck eggs will always hatch a duckling and they will follow you around if you have bread. And it will also be a random selection of whether you’ll get a white duck or a mallard with each toss of the eggs. But because they won’t always spawn with regular duck eggs, be wary not to throw them all away since many of them will just break on the ground like regular eggs.

The ducklings can also grow up quicker the more you feed them bread and you’ll notice the green “growth” particles appear until they grow up into adult ducks!

The ducks and mallards can also mate when you feed them bread near each other just like normal breeding of other animals in the game. And the ducklings are incredibly cute as they follow their parents around just like in real life as they swim along the rivers and ponds together.

There is also a third duck added with this mod called the Quackling. It is a much larger, yellow duck that looks similar to and was inspired by Totoro from the movie “My Neighbor Totoro”. These Quacklings will spawn naturally near swamp biomes as well as their own spawn eggs if you find any or use creative mode to get them. They will also spawn with or without a big dripleaf on their head, which adds even more to the wonderful reference to Totoro using a giant leaf as an umbrella as well as a hat.

Quacklings are also more than just giant ducks with goofy, outwardly turned eyes. They are known to fish from time to time but they are also traders just like villagers! They typically trade for emeralds and raw salmon but some of them will trade for string or coal or other fish and you’ll receive things like buckets of cod, campfires, and even enchanted fishing rods that usually have either unbreaking I or unbreaking II already enchanted.

There’s also a holiday fruit cake added with this mod that you can either make yourself or trade for with one of the Quacklings. These are a sweet treat that the Quacklings quite enjoy despite seemingly no way to give it to them to eat but they will saunter over to you if you hold them out when they are nearby. This can be a great way to get their attention if you want to start trading with them and they will replenish a little less than two hunger bars so you can enjoy the benefits of holiday fruit cake as well!

Overall this is a fairly simple mod but adding ducks and ducklings seems like a thing that Minecraft is just missing and that could simply be that they would be similar enough to chickens that they wouldn’t be needed. But they feel like they just belong now with this mod adding them and you can now raise your own family of ducks to add to your Minecraft world. While they can’t be tamed they can at least be useful as an additional source of eggs that will work in any recipe that calls for eggs usually reserved for chickens.

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  1. quaklings scare me so bad 🙁

    November 2, 2022
  2. Mmm so cute

    April 5, 2024