Corail Woodcutter

The Corail Woodcutter acts as a one stop crafting table for all wood based crafts. It also fits the natural Minecraft aesthetic wonderfully and will adhere to resource packs as well.

Plus you can make one out of every wood type in the game and even some added by other mods.

Then all you need to do is have wood or wood planks in your inventory and click the woodcutter. It’ll bring up the menu and after loading wood blocks in the slot you’ll see all the options available to you.

Select the recipe you want to craft and you have the option to shift+click to make as many of that item as you have wood or single click to stack as many as you need. This mod makes for easy crafting of multiple items as opposed to lining them up in traditional crafting tables.

And with just as much ease you can simply click another recipe and instantly craft that item right away.

Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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