Corail Tombstone

Corail Tombstone reimagines the way you can recover items after a death in the game. After the player dies it will create a tombstone and a waypoint marker to where it happened. This will help you to keep your items relatively safe and retrievable but there are several key features that separate it from any other tombstone or item recovery mods. This mod adds a perk system called the Knowledge of Death as well as a magic system that will play a big part in freeing souls once you finally reach your place of death. It is actually much more than item recovery and that’s when tablets, scrolls and other magical tools come into play.

So when you die you will respawn as a spirit enchanted with feather falling and you will be given a grave key. During this time you will be able to see a marker of your latest death and how far away you have to travel to get back there. As you progress through the game with this mod you will eventually be able to enchant the grave key with a soul and that will allow you to teleport directly to your grave.

Once you make it to your grave, all you need to do is right click it then you will get all of your items back.

But there are many more aspects to what you can do with this mod. You can craft a variety of different tombstones that you can inscribe and customize however you see fit. These tombstones can then be used to house souls as well as enchant items. You will need an item called the Ankh of Pray to “activate” a tombstone and from there you will start to earn points that can be applied to various stats in the Knowledge of Death perk system. So by holding down right clicking on a tombstone with the Ankh of Pray it will now allow souls to inhabit it.

When a grave has souls in it, then you can enchant tablets or scrolls that will give you amazing buffs and abilities to help you in any variety of situations. So for example after you craft a tablet of recall you can then go to a grave that has a soul in it and right click it with the tablet. You will know a grave has a soul if there is a purple, ghostly orb hovering above it.

The tablet of recall allows you to set a memorized location by sneaking near a decorative grave with the tablet in hand. Then you will have a limited number of uses to be able to teleport back there from anywhere. There is also an ancient tablet of recall that will also teleport any creatures that are within a certain radius of when you use it. And there is also a tablet of home (as well as an ancient version with the same abilities as the ancient tablet of recall) but this one will allow you to teleport to your home spawn location and not specifically a decorative grave location. These tablets do have a limited number of uses before you would need to enchant them again but as you progress through the Knowledge of Death achievements, the number of uses will increase with that experience.

There are also enchantable scrolls as a part of this mod and they work similarly as tablets but need to be crafted with a blank Strange Scroll and whatever dust or element is needed for each scroll. Scrolls will often also simply provide protection buffs or defensive buffs and they can get pretty significant and powerful. Scrolls can also be combined with others and you can enchant armor and weapons with them as well. The Scroll of Purification is a very useful scroll that will dispel negative effects when activated. So you can cast the spell with this scroll and if you get poisoned or weakened while it is active, the negative effects will go away almost instantly!

This mod has so much more to explore and discover especially if you would like to incorporate more magical elements and abilities to your gameplay as well as have a very useful safety net to recover items and experience upon death.

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