Buddies For Baby

The Buddies for Baby mod adds a few new animals to catch and tame as pets. You’ll find a lot of different lizard types like green anoles and three different types of crested geckos: the red fire morph found in the crimson forest, the white lily morph found on beaches, and a blue axanthic morph that can only be found in the End.

These crested geckos can be tamed using calcium crickets that are an added food source with this mod. First you’ll need some crickets that can be found in plains and most forests and you can breed them with seeds as well. Calcium crickets are just dead crickets combined with calcium powder that you can make with three pieces of bonemeal and a bottle. These will both lure and tame the geckos. The geckos can also be picked up by shift + right clicking them and you can carry them wherever you need.

This mod also adds tree toads and cane toads that you can find in swamps, rivers, and jungles. They also eat crickets but you’ll need a net to catch them. Nets are made from rope and iron nuggets and an iron ingot and when you right click animals that can only be caught with nets, they’ll instantly drop into your inventory.

There are also red footed tortoises that can be found in jungles and rivers. You can catch them with the nets as well and they eat leafy greens made from the leaves of banana trees that are also added with this mod.

Banana trees have multiple uses for food like banana mush that can also be used to feed the crested geckos. You can harvest the wood from the trees to make a variety of banana bark blocks to decorate or build things with. And their leaves can be planted to grow more banana trees. If you combine four of them with a bowl you’ll get those leafy greens that feed and tame tortoises!

There are also terrariums that you can build to house these new pets and they can be decorated accordingly with the type of animals that will go in them and the environment they came from.

You just need some sand and right click that on a terrarium to automatically add a layer of sand to the bottom of it. The sand can be decorated with coral and seagrass that also just need to be right clicked on the terrarium after adding sand. They can also be waterlogged by right clicking a bucket of water on them. These can be filled with only water or you can also add a moss layer at the bottom and adorn that with seagrass, dead bushes and coral as well!

There’s a guidebook that comes with this mod too that can be crafted using a banana leaf and a standard book. The guidebook is a really handy resource to show you all the ins and outs contained in this mod like how and where to find all of these critters. It also gives detailed information on what the animals eat and how to catch them as well as whether they are tamable or not. And you’ll find all the information you need on how to craft everything and what foods can be made with either crickets or bananas and the leaves from banana trees as well as what to do with the betta fish this mod also adds.

Betta fish are found exclusively in river biomes and can be caught with buckets of water. They eat fish flakes that combines seagrass and wheat seeds with rotten flesh so you’ll have a good reason to save any and be able to use it for a good reason. Bettas can also be released in terrariums and can adorn your rooms as pets.

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