Byte’s Metallum

Byte’s Metallum is a mod that adds a few new metals and gemstones to be used in making stronger and more powerful weapons and amulets. Amethyst will play a big role in crafting super strong Nitrodium ingots and blocks in order to forge much stronger and more durable tools and blocks. The mod also adds Iridium ore that can make incredibly fast pickaxes and topaz for blast resistant blocks. Iridium ingots can be smelted from raw iridium and crafted using the iridium nuggets that output from the smelting.

You’ll need to craft iron rods for these upgraded tools as well and that can be crafted with two iron ingots. The iron rods are significantly stronger than using sticks to make standard rods and they look better combined with the stronger elements grafted to them. Combine these iron rods with three iridium ingots and you’ll get a pickaxe that automatically buffs the user with haste making mining feel like you’re in fast motion. And you can even combine the iridium pickaxe with a block of diamond to make a much more durable diamond plated iridium pickaxe so you can certainly mine an astronomical amount of materials in a single day with this over a standard pickaxe without needing to enchant it!

Nitrodium ingots are a very viable and hearty resource that will take some work to craft in order to use them. But you’ll first need an ore crushing hammer made by combining an iron hammer with a netherite ingot. This will allow you to crush iridium and amethyst into the dust required to forge the necessary ingots.

You’ll also need to create Unstable Amethyst by combining an amethyst shard and a nether star in a smithing table. Then using the ore crushing hammer you’ll need iridium dust, unstable amethyst dust, and netherite dust to create a Nitrodium Dust Blend. You’ll just need to combine the Ore Crushing Hammer in a crafting grid with any of those previously mentioned ingots to make the dust. That can then be smelted into volatile Nitrodium. And finally you’ll combine that volatile Nitrodium with a popped chorus fruit to produce the fabled Nitrodium! And now you can use the newly forged Nitrodium to craft the ultra powerful Nitrodium Sword!

And there’s a similar process making a jade spade with haste effect but it’s not nearly as in depth as Nitrodium. You simply need to cut raw jadeite into Cut Jadeite and combine that with two iron rods. This will give you a spade that vastly surpasses all others.

Plus you can also use cut jade from raw jade to make jade blocks, slabs and stairs.

The amulets with this mod will be the ultimate pieces for short lived potion effects once you click one in hand. These can be crafted with a blank amulet and combining it with any of the catalyst gems you find along your journeys. You could cast temporary invisibility or slow falling or in the case of the phantom amulet, a combination of jump boost, invisibility and slow falling at the expense of brief poisoning and slowness. And there are many more amulets to try out so be sure to check the forum link below or simply discover them on your own!

And with the use of Topaz gems that are cut from raw Nether topaz, you can craft a powerful topaz axe. You’ll simply need to explore the Nether for Raw Nether Topaz and use a stonecutting machine to make Cut Nether Topaz. And then combining with more iron rods will give you the Topaz Axe!

But there’s an better use of the Cut Nether Topaz and that’s making blast proof glass! You’ll need the Ore Crushing Hammer again to crush the Cut Topaz into Topaz dust. And then simply smelt down the dust to make Topaz glass which is impervious to explosions!

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