AstikorCarts puts 3 different carts in Minecraft that can be attached to horses for transportation. The standard cart is like having a large chest you can take with you on your journeys. The default key is R and all you have to do is click that when you are mounted on your horse nearby the cart. Then you can shift+right-click the cart to start loading it up!

The transportation cart allows you to carry animals or even your friends. Players can just right-click like they would a horse or minecart. Any animals simply need to be pushed in. Then ride the horse away. This is great to keep your tamed animals or friends right behind you instead of trailing too far.

And the plow makes farming so much quicker by plowing 3 blocks of dirt at once. Simply shift+right-click the plow to load up to 3 hoes.

Then right-click to lower the plow into the ground.

And all that’s left is getting on your horse and tilling the land you want to farm!

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AstikorCarts, 3.60 / 5 (100 votes)


  1. this mods actually really great,it fits fairly well into vanilla minecraft and makes moving supplies a lot easier (especially if you dont have shulkers yet) not to mention it looks really cool on your horse

    January 30, 2021
  2. Definitely won’t stick out like a sore thumb in a medieval type village👍🏼

    October 1, 2021