Better Crates

Better Crates gives you 5 new storage options each with upgradable tiers from wood to obsidian. Each tier subsequently increases the allotted storage as well.

Each crate can be crafted on their own or you can upgrade existing crates so as not to waste the resources. All you need are the required upgrades and then shift+right-click each increasing crate tier. You can even upgrade existing chests as well.

The key factor with this mod is that the contents of the crates will travel with them when destroyed. So if you have a large inventory but want to take it to a new location, all you need is to break the crate with an axe and place it at the new destination. All your items will be as you left them.

And while each tier increases your inventory, you may want to invest in Obsidian crates because this mod takes the storage of the diamond crates and makes these ones blast proof further protecting your precious inventory!

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