Balkon’s WeaponMod

Balkon’s WeaponMod adds a whole new range of exciting weapons to Minecraft from spears and knives to crossbows and muskets!

Melee Weapons – iron can be replaced with wood, gold or diamond


Throwing weapons – hold right click and release to throw


Shooting weapons – right click to reload, right click again to aim and release to fire (you must have rounds in your inventory)


Other weapons


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Balkon’s WeaponMod, 3.93 / 5 (982 votes)


  1. Too shoot the cannon just like first have your gunpowder in your hand and then left click the cannon with it then it reloads it then left click it again then press space in a direction you want to fire 😀 also great great mod!It was my first mod that i ever got and i love it 😀 maybe you can add more guns or like broken swords?

    January 25, 2015
    • It doesn’t work for me…

      March 26, 2015
  2. Can you add throwing knifes?

    March 25, 2015
  3. How do you shoot the cannon?

    March 26, 2015
    • You need gun powder and cannon balls. Hold the cannon ball and right click on the cannon and then mount the cannon and press space when you want to shoot.

      October 12, 2015
      • How do you make cannon balls, what resource? Thxs 🙂

        January 10, 2016
        • make a cross out of stone blocks in a crafting table.

          May 17, 2016
  4. this will be so useful, could you make modern weapons too? also, what platforms does this run on?

    January 4, 2022