Animal Tamer

Animal Tamer is a mod that allows you to tame nearly every animal in the game. It also adds three options for how your tamed animals behave. They can be set in a wandering mode, following mode, or sitting state. Wandering mode lets them explore on their own as if they weren’t tamed so be aware of where they might be going. The addition of the wandering mode is also there to reset any behaviors if you decide to remove the mod. Wandering mode will automatically change tamed animals back to normal after the mod is removed so there aren’t any glitches with them.

Most animals can be tamed with either wheat or grass but they vary and others are tamed by different items. But taming is much the same as normal by simply right-clicking until the “tamed” prompt comes up. Then you can right-click to cycle between wandering, following or sitting. Rabbits, pandas, pigs, and chickens are all tamed with wheat. You’ll need to shift + right-click pigs to be able to change their status, however, because pigs can already wear a saddle and be ridden with the standard right-click action.

One of the features of this mod is that some of the animals have additional behaviors when you shift + right-click. Rabbits will hop on your head for easier transport and it’s obviously adorable. Sometimes it will glitch through the player’s head but otherwise you’ll always know where your rabbit is instead of searching endlessly through tall grass!

Pandas have a fun and whimsical special ability when you shift + right-click them. They will perform a somersault right in front of you or anyone you’d like to show. There isn’t much else to this trick but it is fun to give them an activity to perform while they join you on your adventures!

Some animals are tamed with meat like ocelots and foxes will require chicken. Foxes are also pretty quick even after taming so be quick to set them to follow or sit since the first tamed command is to wander. They also have a shift click behavior to get them to drop whatever item they’re holding in their mouth. This one had an egg and was sweet enough to drop it for me when asked but did pick it back up when I decided not to!

Polar bears are tamed with raw cod and are certainly ones to try and tame quickly before they try and attack any of your already tamed followers. They will also stand up on command when you shift click them. When standing they will continue to follow or walk around in that state until you click for them to stop. This can make for a pretty unnerving sight when they’re following you like a person!

Dolphins make for a very useful one to tame and require tropical fish to do so. Their click behaviors are slightly different than the rest as well. When you right-click you can now mount and ride them around for quicker and more efficient water travel! And with dolphins you’ll also need to shift click to cycle between stopping and wandering.

This mod can be pretty useful when building up your farms and livestock since you’ll be able to tame animals instead of simply getting them to follow you the standard way into whatever pens you’ve built. Plus, now you can tame several at once and new ones with different items and have them all follow you at the same time. Then you can lead them to their pens or coops or fields and set them to wander as they normally would. And this mod also extends to breeding as well. When you breed any of your animals, if just one is tamed then the baby will also be tamed!

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