Traveller’s Gear

The Traveller’s Gear mod works in conjunction with the Baubles mod as well as many others that contain extra items and accessories to improve your abilities and skills. It simply adds extra slots in your character inventory to fill with the desired items.


All you have to do is open up the little book in the top left of your character screen in the inventory. This opens up your new slots to fill. The GUI also gives you informative stats on how many pieces of armor you’re wearing, the health of yourself and your accessories, as well as your XP level. It also acts as your normal inventory so there’s no need to switch back and forth.


There are several new pieces of armor to wear that come default with this mod like rings, a belt, Vambraces, Pauldrons, and a cloak! Right now these are mostly aesthetic but the slots can still be used for other mods you may have, like Tinkers’ Construct, which contain additional armor accessories.


And if you have too many pieces that you don’t want to lug around with you or lazily store in some useless chest, build yourself an armor stand and fill that up with all your spare parts. Plus it really adds something authentic looking to your armory. This mod is a pretty neat addition to make Minecraft a more RPG-style game, especially if you can supplemental mods that aid in that style.


Traveller’s Gear does require that you also have Baubles installed. You can find it here.

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