Tomahawk Mod

Love ranged combat? Love assassin’s creed references? This mod is going to be great for you.


Basically, the Tomahawk Mod allows you to take any axe and make it throwable. You can throw axes by right-clicking!


They do a fair amount of damage, have good range, and work very well overall. Give them a try and you never know what kind of combat you’ll find yourself dominating!


The Tomahawk Mod is very dynamic and truly creates a whole new style of combat for you to experiment with.

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Tomahawk Mod, 4.06 / 5 (145 votes)


  1. ive tried this mod and i was able to load a world once but as soon as i tried to throw an axe in crashed and then i was never able to load a world after that but if use any profile besides forge it loads worlds and without the mod the world loads fine but with the mod my world s don’t load

    July 31, 2014
  2. Great mod! This mod is one of my favorites

    BTW Hey ClarinetMaestro try moving the tomahawk mod to your desktop, restart your computer reapply the mod,
    and see if that works. The same thing happened to me and after i tried that it worked. Hope this works for you!

    August 31, 2014
  3. its cool but it would be better if the axes not disappear after a while

    June 10, 2015