The Teleporters mod adds a few teleporter blocks to Minecraft making this a more true-to-vanilla survival teleporter mod than any of the others that make it too simple to move from one place to another. The starter block is the normal teleporter and that works just between another normal teleporter.

You’ll need a controller to shift+right-click both teleporters but it’s a good two-way system to get from A to B. You’ll also need a redstone source like a button or lever to activate each time you want to go from one to the other. If you want more teleporting options, just craft the advanced teleporter and you can have many destinations to travel to.

You’ll need a destination manager to shift+right-click each advanced teleporter you place and then you can label them to match their destination. Each destination needs to be selected first and then you can activate the teleporter.

And if you want to transport blocks from one place to another you can craft the block teleporter. It works the same as the normal teleporter with the controller being the key to make connections, and it also requires a lever or button to activate.

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  1. Does the block teleporter work with chests that have items inside?

    August 2, 2018