Special Mobs

The Special Mobs Mod gives you a much broader variety with mobs in Minecraft. If you’ve grown tired of the traditional mobs and you’ve learned all the tricks to avoid or protect yourself from them, then this mod is for you. It not only changes mobs aesthetically but also gives them many new abilities. They also come in varying sizes that are completely random!


The Doom Creeper will explode even after it’s killed:


The Jumping creeper that, well, jumps, can explode mid-air:


Fire Skeletons are immune to fire and will shoot flaming arrows at you. Obviously daytime burning will not affect them so best to lure them to water in a pinch:


Thief skeletons will rob you each time you take a hit from them:


And this one looks like a normal block but it’s actually a skeleton disguising itself and will attack when you are near:


Zombies are now more realistic and will actually infect villagers but if you see one with a fishing rod steer clear! They can reel you in if you get too close:


And enjoy a slew of new spiders from big to small to practically invisible:


Every mob in this game gets an overhaul so be sure to check it out and you’ll sure be surprised by what comes chasing you next!

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  1. Wow awesome mod very interesting. It adds a bit of difficulty to mobs

    September 24, 2015
  2. Does it have any new AI for the new overhauled mobs?

    October 31, 2015