Slimier Slimes

Slimier Slimes adds new variations on the slime mob by giving them new abilities and new drops. You’ll notice them immediately from standard slimes since they’ll likely have a different color except for the creeper slime, which can be deceiving since they will explode in much the same way as creepers will. Small ones won’t leave much damage but bigger ones will and they’ll break down into smaller ones after exploding.

There are diamond slimes as well that have a chance of dropping a diamond when slain.

Obsidian slimes that hang out near lava deposits:

As well as actual lava slimes that will generate lava once slain. The smaller ones will congregate in lava.

There are also snow slimes that will leave a trail of snow behind them as well as shoot snowballs in all directions with each land of a jump!

And be wary of camo slimes that you can only hear until they start attacking. Once they attack, they become visible but will quickly run away to become invisible again so strike fast!

This mod also adds new blocks made from the slime blocks you’ll find underground. You’ll come across a variety of veins during your mining but you may come across big deposits of slime blocks that look similar to dungeons.

These can then be crafted into stairs, slabs, walls or even used in block form!

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  1. Thanks immensely for this great review.

    There are even still some hidden things you haven’t touched upon here. I advise checking out Dark Oak Forests 😉

    If you want to give feedback or get involved, there are some contact links on my Curseforge page:

    February 22, 2021