Simple Farming

Simple Farming adds a bunch of new crops and recipes to add to Minecraft’s food options. You can plant new fruit trees like apple, mango, orange, and pear. These will make for perfect ingredients to add in the new cake and pie recipes as well as many more. Pies are pretty simple to craft and require the desired, new, fruit you’ve harvested combined with 1 egg and sugar!

There’s even strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry bushes! The bushes make for great aesthetic decoration as well giving you a wider variety of options for designing your home exterior.

And with these new bushes you can go out to pick them and combine any of these new fruits with an empty jar to make jams and jellies.

This mod also adds a scarecrow to keep pests away from your crops. They keep your crops from being trampled within a 10 block radius and need to be planted on a dirt-like block. Plus it gives your farm a more traditional feel.

There’s also the ability to plant your own vineyards too! You’ll need to plant grapes 2 blocks apart and attach fences to the leaves when they sprout. This will allow the grapes to grow in the gaps you left. This can take a bit of strategy when placing so make sure you follow the steps in the wiki in order for the grapes to grow properly. Once they do you’ll be ready to make wine!

Once you’re ready you can then take your grapes to a wine cellar to start the winemaking process! You’ll need to craft brewing barrels first in order to start things out. Just add in the grapes, or any of the ingredients on the wiki page here, to a fermenting barrel and wait. Beer will need barley for the barrels, vodka requires potatoes, and you can make mead using honeycomb.

Once the ingredients are fermented and ready, just right-click the barrels with an empty bottle for your wine! Different types of alcohol will give you some beneficial effects if drunk in moderation. Beer will give you strength, cider will give you luck, vodka will give you resistance, and wine will help you with regeneration. But be careful with how much you drink because, much like in real life, too much alcohol can cause negative effects in the game like weakness, mining fatigue, hunger, and even poison.

And even with all that there are still so many more new recipes for soups, salads, cakes, pies, and sandwiches! You can craft cheeseburgers with cooked beef, bread, and tomatoes and you can even add the additional fixings like lettuce or spinach and cheese. Noodles can be made by combining two of any grain type like wheat, oats or rice and then you can craft noodle based soups as well!

The recipes that require slices of cheese have a step first since there isn’t a way to just craft cheese slices. You can do this easily by combining a milk bucket and a bottle of vinegar, also added with this mod, to first make a cheese wheel. Then you can place it anywhere and take slices from it just like you would with a cake block until the wheel is completely consumed! Check out the recipes wiki found here to see the vast selection of soups and sandwiches you can make. They’re all very easy to obtain the ingredients and piece together but more importantly you now have so many more choices of foods to make. You could even start an in-game restaurant with a very full menu and have employees serve meals for you and your friends.

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