Simple Farming

Simple Farming adds a bunch of new crops and recipes to add to Minecraft’s food options. You can plant new fruit trees like apple, mango, orange, and pear. These will make for perfect ingredients to add in the new cake and pie recipes as well as many more.

There’s even strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry bushes!

You can combine any of these new fruits with an empty jar and make jam as well.

This mod also adds a scarecrow to keep pests away from your crops. Plus it gives your farm a more traditional feel.

There’s also the ability to plant your own vineyards too! You’ll need to plant grapes 2 blocks apart and attach fences to the leaves when they sprout. This will allow the grapes to grow in the gaps you left.

And then you can take your grapes to a wine cellar and make your own wine! Just add in the grapes, or any of the ingredients on the wiki page here, to a fermenting barrel and wait.

Once the ingredients are fermented and ready, just right-click with an empty bottle for your wine! This mod allows you to also brew vodka, cider, whiskey, and beer!

And even with all that there are still so many more new recipes for soups, salads, cakes, pies, and sandwiches!

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