Rock Candy

The Rock Candy Mod adds a new ore to help stave off starvation while deep underground mining. If you get caught without food on an extensive dig, it can be a hassle to rush back to wherever your food source may be if you even have one close. Well this mod is here to the rescue offering a moderately frequent edible ore.

You can eat it in its raw form but if you combine it with a stick it makes rock candy for double the food consumption.

And if you make hardened rock candy from 4 raw rock candies you can make an even more sustainable food source.

But this is where this mod gets a little more interesting. With hardened rock candy you can use that to make a couple of new tools. The Candy Cane Pickaxe is a sweet and fast new mining implement with a haste buff.

And the Candy Club will simultaneously protect you against enemies as well as feed you!

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Rock Candy, 4.11 / 5 (35 votes)


  1. How much durability do the tools have? Should be pretty high, seeing as they cost a 2 diamonds to make.

    November 18, 2019