Ducky Mod

The Ducky Mod gives you a tiny winged protector that can follow you around and battle mobs while you mine. Gone are the days of worrying about zombies or creepers interrupting your digs. Just craft a Ducky egg and worry not!

While the duck fresh out of the egg can suffice, this duck will help you more if you tame it with a bit of bread. It’ll change its appearance wearing blue and that’s how you know it’s tamed. And from there it’ll follow you around and seek out enemies nearby.

What makes this mod really neat is this duck can change if you give it certain potions. You can make a giant ducky with a healing potion. This gives it more health and an overall more threatening appearance since it’s basically as tall as you. And if you want you can easily revert it with a weakness potion.

Fire Resistance will make your ducky… resistant to fire if that wasn’t obvious. It’ll wear a red hat to signify the affect is active.

You can then give your duck swiftness, strength, and leaping potions for speed, damage and flight buffs respectively.

And if you want it to return to normal just give it some milk!

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