Productive Villagers

The Productive Villagers mod aims to provide players with villagers that have much more useful jobs and abilities to take advantage of when visiting any new or current villagers. There is only one item added with this mod called the workstation depot that is only crafted using any of the same two wood slabs, six wood planks, and one emerald. The workstation depot functions just like a barrel and has inventory slots specifically for the player to add materials to when they are required by any of the professions. Once you have a depot crafted then all you need to do is place one next to any of the existing villager workstations to enable the productive villager abilities!

When a villager without a job takes over the profession wherever you placed the depot, they will now unlock any of the new tasks added with this mod. You can even add depot to existing workstations and those villagers that already worked there will now have the new tasks. And the tasks can be modified and changed by editing the config file if you would like them to do anything different. The way this workstation depot now works is when you have certain tasks or repairs needed to be done, then you can simply place those items into the depot or if the new tasks are based on mining or gathering items then the depot will periodically fill with those items over time. Villagers will still have their normal tasks and abilities to trade but now they can do additional jobs while you are away. So by placing a depot next to a grindstone you can now add damaged swords and tridents to the barrel and the weaponsmith will fix them for you. You will also need to add one emerald per repair to the depot for the villager to do the repair. The armorsmith will do the same thing at their station but obviously they will repair damaged armor instead.

If you place a depot next to a composter, the farmer will now deposit harvested crops into it and the bonemeal will be collected in the workstation barrel.

The fisherman and the butcher are probably the most beneficial villager jobs that the workstation depot will improve upon. The fisherman will require a fishing pole from time to time and will catch fish and treasure for you. They will drop most of their catches into the depot barrel but will also take some for himself and that acts as payment for the job.

And the butcher will require at least an iron axe to be placed in the depot. They will also charge one emerald per harvest but now they will be able to humanely gather meat as well as other items from mobs and place them in the barrel. The great thing about this profession improvement is they will gather materials without killing the mobs!

You can try adding a workstation depot to any of the other standard professions and take full advantage of the new benefits you will now have in your nearby village. This mod is relatively simple compared to many other more complex villager profession mods but its simplicity is what makes it equally as beneficial. There isn’t very much needed to use this mod and so long as you provide some materials and tools for the villagers then you now have a much more productive resource for some very lucrative perks.

This mod does require the the Architectury API to be installed alongside it and can be found here.

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