Primitive Mobs

The Primitive Mobs Mod adds a ton of new mobs to the game significantly improving interaction with the NPCs. Amongst the mobs are several new villagers, enemies and pets.

The TravelingMerchant is like the other villagers, only he roams the world rather than in villages. Their trades are more random than standard Villagers. LostMiners are found in caves. He cries for help, which you can either provide it or leave him to die. If you take him to the surface he’ll gift you an emerald. Sheepmen and Sheepmen Smiths are only found in the Nether. They are essentially the bad villagers from the surface who died and are now in the afterlife. The Sheepmen trade for gold nuggets and Sheepmen Smiths will repair your tools and armor for gold.


There are a ton of new enemies but some of the most notable are the Haunted Tools, Mimics and Treasure Slimes. Each of these mobs have the ability to drop exceptional items but behave more erratically than traditional mobs making them more of a risk to attack.

There are new pets with this mod as well. Chameleons can change colors and can be tamed with melons. They also drop Camouflage dye that allows you to create Camouflage armor so you can change color too! Spider Babies will spawn from spider eggs and eat rotten meat. If you feed it 5 fermented spider eyes it will grow into a mountable Adult Spider that can climb walls for you!

This mod is really incredible for adding more dynamic mobs to the game. It definitely fills the world with more variety than the standard creepers, villagers, and zombies we’re all used to. There’s also plenty more to discover with this mod so check the forum for all the extensive information.

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  1. I haven’t downloaded this yet but does the Lost Miner attack you?

    February 23, 2015
    • no it does not. it wil follow you untill you get him out of the cave and Ithink then he wil give you a reward.

      February 27, 2015