Auto Pickup

The Auto Pickup mod aims to make storage while mining, as well as many other tasks involving item collecting, significantly easier. This mod does away with blocks dropping after they are broken. Instead it automatically collects the item into your inventory.

break A

break B

This makes gathering items much quicker with less of chance of missing something when collecting. What makes this mod really interesting though is the use of a blacklist. This is great for avoiding many useless items that you don’t plan on ever using. So by entering a command like “/b add rotten_flesh” you’ll be able to skip out on collecting and hoarding so much rotten flesh from slain zombies.


What makes the use of the blacklist that much more intriguing is to utilize it while mining. If you only want ores and don’t want to continually make storage runs with cobble, sand, dirt, and gravel, then put those items on the blacklist. This way you won’t pick them up but you’ll still retain all the ores you find on your trek.

mine A

mine B

You can add items quickly to the list by throwing them out of your inventory by hitting Q. And to remove them from the blacklist so you can pick them up again, either type “/b remove [item]” or simply “/b clear” to remove everything from your list.

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