Potion Capsule

The Potion Capsule allows the player to add small portions of potions to capsules in an effort to ration a full potion if it’s not needed all at once. Simple put a capsule into a crafting grid with any potion you want to fill it with. You’ll see the portion taken out of the original potion leaving the rest to fill more capsules or use later.

You can also combine potions into one capsule by placing a filled capsule in the grid with another filled capsule. Hovering over it will show what potions are in each capsule.

What makes this mod really beneficial is the addition of the Capsule Pendant that allows you to store multiple capsules that all trigger based on different events such as when darkness hits or when the player comes into contact with water or fire. You can choose which event triggers which capsule in the pendant menu. Hit G in order to place the pendant in a wearable slot.

When a trigger happens you’ll see the effect instantly apply, possibly saving you from whatever could have caused damage before. This is very beneficial for accidental falls or if any enemy shows up, you’ll have extra protection without needing to scramble for a potion.

You’ll also need an additional API found here in order to wear the Capsule Pendant.

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