Compressed Items

Compressed Items aims to make some items that aren’t commonly used and typically get shoved away in storage or destroyed altogether into more aesthetically pleasing blocks. Now you can take these items and make them into blocks by combining 9 of them together. So a stack of potatoes now looks like a sack of potatoes and the same goes for other common food items like beetroot, carrots and wheat!

And this mod also compresses bulky items like leather, paper, and flint along with feathers, sugar cane and blaze rods/sticks. Use them to decorate your walls if you want!

But what makes it incredibly useful is that it will condense the traditional storage of these items as well by allowing these blocks to stack up to 64. This means you’ll get 576 items into one 64 block stack. So you can now store a massive amount of these items in a much smaller space conserving even more of your precious storage rooms!

And then if you want to get these items back all you need to do is place the compressed block in any crafting grid and take the stack apart.

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