Waterfree Farming

Waterfree Farming aims to maximize your farming yield by eliminating the need for a constant water source for your crops. It combines the water into the dirt or sand as well as the ability to combine redstone for automated harvesting/planting. You’ll just need a fertilizer machine and injector to create the fertilized dirt/sand and redstone infused fertilized dirt/sand respectively.

You’ll also want to craft a controller to connect all the redstone dirt/sand. This will provide the redstone power as well as storage for both yield and seeds.

Then it’s just a waiting game for crops to grow and the harvesting is taken care of for you. So you can go about your other minecraft business and leave your farm to its own devices.

For the dirt, you will also need to craft a clay hoe otherwise the dirt could crumble with a regular hoe.

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  1. Hey thanks for spreading my mod, but you should update the link to the 2.0.4 file, because with 2.0.3 the machines still crash the game.

    November 19, 2017
    • I’ve updated the link!

      November 20, 2017