Particle Man

Particle Man adds the Particle Glove to Minecraft and gives you the ability to wield fire, redstone, or water in combat or defense.

All you need to do is right click with the glove on either active fire, a body of water, or redstone dust in order to fill the glove with particles. Your glove will have a gauge of how full the particles are when you hover over it. Then you can cycle between them using the ‘k’ key.

Right clicking will launch the particles at the enemy. Fire will ignite mobs with a bit of a kickback.

Redstone will damage and push mobs a greater distance away.

And water is more of an evasive tactic but can also be used for quick travel as it launches you wherever you need to travel to quickly.

What’s also great is if you miss a target the particles will float back to the glove so you won’t waste too much! It does also require an additional API to run found here.

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