Catwalks 4

Catwalks 4 adds a variety of walkways from metal and wood to glass. You can now add some functionality to large warehouse or storage facilities and make them aesthetically pleasing too. The walkways pair well with the caged ladders that add a bit of safety to your climbing.

The glass walkway is a bit more of a modern twist on these sort of catwalks and would likely work best as a neat passage to another area of your building despite having the same functionality as all the other walkways.

The steel walkway looks a bit more hearty than the standard catwalk and gives a more “warehouse” facility feel.

And the wooden catwalks may just be more elegant depending on where you’re placing them.

You’ll also need to craft yourself a blowtorch because you’ll likely need to edit the barriers of the walkways and ladder. This just takes away whatever portion you right-click the blowtorch on.

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Catwalks 4, 4.02 / 5 (123 votes)


  1. for an update i think being able to place the cat walk latter (if posable) should be able to be placed on top of the cat walks

    July 23, 2018
  2. Better than regular 3-block bridges. Great mod!

    December 10, 2018