Paintball Mod

The Paintball Mod adds a really cool game to Minecraft. It gives you paintball guns and armor of different colors so you can get a server up and play games like capture the flag with your friends.


You can have up to 6 team colors each with their respective armors, bases, and weapons. You essentially want to build an Insta-base stocked with gear racks, weapon racks, ammunition and a flag. The gear and weapon racks will auto-reload so there’s no need to restock them. And the bases are locked to a player’s color so someone of a different color can’t enter the base. From there the game is set to begin.


Each new weapon has a different skill set ranging from single shot to burst shot to scatter shot. There are also grenades, claymores and C4 to add explosive damage to the game. The C4 is also detonated from a remote so that adds an element of surprise to your tactics.


A neat little feature to this mod is the paintbrush tool. With it you can turn anything into your desired color. If someone on the green team placed a green claymore, you can sneak up behind it and change it’s color to your own so now your enemies will be attacked by it instead of you. You can also use it to change flags, armor, and even bases to your own color.


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  1. Could some sort of minigame be played in singleplayer?

    May 31, 2015
    • LAN minigames with friends.

      May 30, 2016
  2. the 1.8 version of the paint ball mod as an issue with ticks meaning that the delay between shots should be delayed to 1 shot per tick to prevent the game from crashing due to tick loop unless I am missing something else. other wise it works great.

    June 12, 2015
  3. Great for use even in single player! the gear is a great option for ranged combat if your tired of using bows

    April 4, 2018