Medieval Mobs

Medieval Mobs adds 3 new mobs to Minecraft that don a more medieval atmosphere. You now have to watch out for the Brigand, the Bandit, and the Tribesman, each with their own skills and weapons. The Brigand is the live version of what the skeleton would be were it not a walking skeleton. So he has a bow and arrow equipped.


The Bandit and Tribesman are similar to the zombie in mannerisms but they carry steel or stone/iron swords or axes respectively.



The difference in these human form mobs is that while they retain characteristics of both the skeleton and zombie, they are indeed faster and more intelligent so fighting will be tougher. And to expound matters more, they can be out in the sun with no ill effects. So if you’re looking for human enemies that may fit into your medieval atmosphere a bit better, then this mob is perfect for you.

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  1. The mobs hardly move when they are attacking and the archers don’t even move their arms when they are firing their bows. Is this normal or is the mod broken for me?

    June 17, 2017
  2. Do they follow normal spawn rules meaning they will not spawn in lit areas?

    April 2, 2019