Mob Armor

Some mobs in Minecraft are ridiculously cool, right? Wouldn’t it be awesome to get to be a mob for a day? With this mod, you can!


Mob armors let you look like a mob and get some of their abilities! Some examples:

– Iron Golem Armor: Added buffs, eliminates fall damage, lets you become an iron golem, 90 more heart points
– Villager Armor: You can transform into a villager, some helpful buffs
– Pigman’s Sword: Has +8 attack damage, 1000 uses, lets you use “anger mode” as a pigman with right click, some more buffs


These mob armors are fantastic and have a lot of potential. You can use them in combat, for aesthetics, or just to mess with friends!


See all the items that are available here:

Make sure to check out the complete list of items at the developer’s link.

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  1. This mod seems cool, and it’s definitely awesome if it adds armor for every mob.

    June 11, 2015
  2. what is the crafting of the mob armors and of the pigman’s sword ?

    January 21, 2017
  3. OG, Does this mod have wither boss armor!

    February 4, 2021