Malisis Switches

Malisis Switches offers the ability to create a redstone connection wirelessly. It utilizes Greenstone, which is a combination of redstone dust and an emerald. From there you can create different switches like light switches.

You’ll then need the Power Linker to right-click and link the Light Switch to the light sources.

And now all the lights have power when you flip the switch! Gone are the days of complicated redstone setups and making sure there is plenty of space between floors and walls for the dust to travel.

The great thing about this mod is both the amount of sources a single link can hold and the long distance it can travel.

You can use this mod to create all kinds of complicated redstone setups that would traditionally take up a very large space with repeaters and clever architecture to hide wiring. Now it’s as simple as directing the Malisis Switches to their respective targets with a few simple right-clicks.

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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Malisis Switches, 3.63 / 5 (46 votes)


  1. This mod is perfect for inexperienced restoners and it also takes less space for buildings

    July 29, 2018