Luck of the Straw

Luck of the Straw is small mod with potentially serious benefits or consequences. It puts every single item available in creative mode within the grass. So you have an equal chance of getting seeds as you do getting diamonds or spawn eggs or anything in between!

All you have to do is break the grass around you and eventually random items will pop up. The items can be from various mods as well so depending on what you have installed could have some serious impacts on your world.

This would make a great survival server or just a fun addition to any multiplayer server provided you have backups and are willing to cause some real chaos if someone gets an item not typically allowed.

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Luck of the Straw, 3.58 / 5 (76 votes)


  1. I would like to suggest that this mod perhaps add the affect to flowers and vines? Vines should be added as they are rarely used and you can create vine/item farms later in the game! I love this idea and wish it to be applied to Vines as well.

    September 18, 2018