Levels 2

With Levels 2 you can increase the usefulness of your weapons. Over time as you use your weapons they will gain experience and increase in durability. When you craft or find a weapon for the first time it’ll be assigned a random rarity that you can expand upon throughout ownership.

When your experience gets to be high enough your weapons will level up and you can add new abilities along the way. You’ll get Ability Tokens over time that you can use to buy those abilities and apply them to the weapons.

You’ll even see a level status above an enemy as you get closer to them. This will determine their strength and also how much experience you’ll gain by killing different leveled mobs.

Armor also gets an upgrade with this mod as you can gain experience with your sets and level them up along with your weapons.

This mod adds a whole new element to weapon usage in Minecraft and makes using them a much more enjoyable experience. Instead of constantly destroying weapons over time, you can now improve the ones you craft or find along the way.

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