Coolers Mod

The Coolers Mod is a small but nifty mod that adds a six slot cooler to Minecraft. It only holds food but it’s pretty useful for combining six full stacks of various food into one slot in your inventory.

Cooler Slots

The one great feature to this mod is that it will automatically eat for you so long as the cooler is in your inventory and is stocked. Once in your inventory the cooler icon will actually show the contained items when you hover over it.


All you need to do for this mod to work is to place it and fill it, then “destroy” it and carry it with you. It’s simple to make by surrounding a chest in snowballs and packed snow/ice and it’s also customizable by adding any dye to the placed cooler.


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  1. Wait, What would happen if I used three red dye on the bottom three [Replacing the snow], and then putting ice on the top? [Top middle] Would that make a cooler with a glass top? Or nothing?

    August 27, 2016