The Landmines mod gives you exactly as the name suggests, TNT that can be buried and triggered by stepping on it. Use it to defend your home from enemies or prank you friends, whatever it is this mod is a great addition to stealthy protection in Minecraft.


What makes the landmines great is that you can craft them to look like nearly any block on the surface. But just below that layer is the full TNT block. And even better is these TNT blocks will detonate in 1/8 the time a normal one will. Hide your mines under cobblestone:




Even along the coastline:


Most of the blocks are available to disguise your explosives and so long as you know where you placed the mines you should be in for a treat with this mod.


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  1. This is really great for player traps, but too bad the grass doesn’t conform to the biome color.

    July 13, 2015