Jumbo Furnace

The Jumbo Furnace mod is exactly as its name suggests, a really massive furnace capable of smelting several times more items at a given time. The recipe for this jumbo furnace is also equally as simple as the concept of the mod and requires 27 regular furnaces placed in a crafting grid.

Once you craft all 27 of those furnaces into one monstrosity of a smelting machine, you will be given a 3x3x3 furnace cube to place where you see fit. It works exactly the same way as a normal furnace but it has nine times the input capacity, nine times the output capacity and nine times the fuel capacity. When you right click the jumbo furnace you will be presented with the standard GUI only with the additional slots compared to a normal furnace.

You can add nine full stacks of fuel sources in the bottom grid as well as nine input items in the grid above that one. You can smelt all the same items as a normal furnace and the cycle times will obviously vary depending on the items that are added and when they are added. These can all be customized in the config file if you choose to do so. The great thing about having such a massive furnace is apparent in the significantly larger output the jumbo furnace can yield. You could have nine individual vanilla furnaces running at the same time but in that scenario you would need to manage each of those individually with their own fuel sources and adding items one by one every time you want to smelt. With the jumbo furnace you can do all of that at once and add any variety of smeltable items and it will tackle the job with minimal effort.

The jumbo furnace is also capable of attaching hoppers and chests for input items, fuel sources, and output storage as well. So if you attach a hopper and chest at the top to add smeltable items to as well as a hopper and chest to the side with fuel sources, you can even further maximize the efficiency of the jumbo furnace! With 27 slots available in each chest and the ability for the jumbo furnace to automatically grab those items as needed then you now have an absolute workhorse of a smelting factory all within the confines of a 3x3x3 cube. And then adding another hopper and chest below the furnace for all of the output means you can load up everything you have to smelt and completely forget about managing the entire machine to otherwise focus on more important tasks.

If you are a Minecraft player that has a lot of smelting needs, especially if you are part of a multiplayer server, then the jumbo furnace is a crucial tool to capitalize on maximum smelting ability, storage, and output. The jumbo furnace may seem like an excessive block to take up the real estate it does but when you consider the capabilities it can do while eliminating constantly managing single smelting furnaces one at a time then this mod is a perfect addition to your world. You could even combine several jumbo furnaces all lined up and even further expand on the smelting opportunities provided with this mod.

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