The Jewelrycraft Mod allows you to craft different types of jewelry; rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Now these aren’t strictly for decoration but if you add things like blaze powder or Ender eyes you’ll obtain different effects and abilities to aid, or possibly hinder, your gameplay.


You’ll need to craft a Smelter, a molder and molds to get things started. Ingots of different ores and most other basic materials can be smelted and then placed in a mold to get the basic piece of jewelry. After it’s cooled you can add gems or modifiers to it.


To add modifiers to your jewelry you’ll need to perform a ritual. Once you build the ritual grounds up you need to place the jewelry in the center hand. Place as many modifiers you want in each of the surrounding hands. You can fill them all up or just add one. Then click the cursed eye above the jewelry and the ritual begins. After it’s done you’ll be able to collect your ring with modifiers but you may end up with a curse. All of these steps can be found in the handbook included with this mod.


Adding blaze powder to your jewelry can allow you walk through fire and on lava but water may be more damaging the longer you’re in it. Ender Pearls can aid you in your fighting. If you add it to a bracelet you’ll automatically teleport to spawn if you fall lower than 3 hearts. And adding Obsidian greatly increases your resistance to damage.


And there are many more modifiers and curses to explore with this mod found in the book or on the forum. The great thing about this mod, though, is it won’t clutter your inventory and armor slots. It creates its own inventory page and you can wear multiple pieces of jewelry at once for combined abilities.


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    March 6, 2016