HaloCraft is a fantastic addition to Minecraft adding most of the key assets from the hit game, Halo. If you’re a fan of the series then this mod is a must add for your world. To start off you can create all the pieces of armor necessary for battle. Whether you want to be a Marine, a Spartan, or even a Promethean, this mod has you covered. You can even mix and match if you want!


Even cooler is once you put the Spartan helmet on you’ll get a new overlay on your screen complete with enemy radar!


Most of the weapons have also been ported over including the Energy Sword, Pulse Grenade, and the Needler amongst many others.




And what would you need these weapons for if not for the new mobs added? You’ll now encounter Grunts and Prometheans along with red, blue and golden Elites and Marines.


And to top everything off for the ultimate Halo experience, this mod adds the classic vehicles you’re all used to. Hop in the Ghost to fly to your next destination or the elusive Warthog to cart around your friends and fight your enemies together.



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