Gwycraft is a neat little mod that adds color and glowing to many blocks in Minecraft. It adds new enchanted ores that allow you to dye nearly any building block. It’s really great for adding a pop of color without resorting to just using wool.


The ores allow you to dye a lot of your standard blocks like cobblestone, bricks, wood, or even leaves. You’re essentially crafting them into new blocks with an enchanted ore in the recipe. The ores are all the same 16 colors that you’re used to in Minecraft but they allow you to color more than just wool blocks. You can even make colored sticks with the colored wood planks so you can craft colorful fences and torches.


Along with the colorful ores this mod brings new uses for clay and you can now make mud as well. You can color your clay by crafting them into blocks with a dye in the recipe. And you’ll need 6 dirt, a bottle of water, a dye and clay to make mud.


The stacked clay and mud can be used to make clay bricks or mud bricks respectively. You can then craft different brick blocks depending on the style and color you’re going for. The Mudbrick and standard brick blocks can also be combined with glowstone or an enchanted ore to be able to emit light.


With the new colored ores you can even make gem tools which seem to do a bit more damage than standard diamond tools/weapons.


This mod gives you a bit more aesthetic when building with color. Typically if you wanted a different color wall or floor, you’d have to resort to using wool, which is a hazard to fire. Now you can use brick or stone for a fireproof, colorful home.

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