The Geoactivity mod adds the ability to customize tools and armor in Minecraft. It adds 3 new types of coal that are necessary to create reinforced tools as well as some brand new tools. The new coals are Anthracite, Bituminous, and Lignite.


You’ll need a coal refiner as well as a crafting machine to create these new tools. The coal refiner will be used to make graphite to make carbon fiber that can then be made into carbon sticks. And the crafting machine is what allows you to craft and upgrade your tools/armor.


Reinforced tools are made simply by adding gold to iron tools. These will double in their abilities and strength. And you can even make advanced tools by combining gold and diamond to make Small Precious Alloys. The advanced tools are stronger than diamond and won’t ever break. You just need to recharge them with one of the new coals by shift-clicking while holding them. Just add the coal in the bottom slot and your tool is ready to use again.



A new and useful tool added with this mod is the Auto Stone Builder. It will auto-smelt stone blocks on the fly if you add them in the GUI (shift+click). Then you can place them with the tool so long as you have a steady supply of cobblestone in your inventory. You can also put stone bricks as the output option to auto-craft and place those as well.



Lastly you can craft new armors, the reinforced armor and the advanced armor. Reinforced armor is simply more durable than iron armor and advanced armor is like diamond armor and can be upgraded with perks. All you need to do is place a perk in the menu of the crafting machine as you craft a new piece of armor.



Definitely check out the forum for more information on this mod. There are tons of perks and add-ons to make the ultimate tools and armor to suit your needs.

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  1. Um, which one’s more powerful, the reinforced tools or the advanced ones? By the way, your mod is cool! Pls. answer me back, thanks

    August 16, 2016