Experience Rings

The Experience Rings mod offers a unique storage system for XP in Minecraft. It allows you to collect XP by right-clicking it while it’s on the ground before it automatically comes to you. This is a great way to retain XP in case of an accident but you can also transfer experience rings to friends or simply a storage system.

The only way to get the Lesser ring is by finding it in a dungeon first, then you can use it to craft higher rings. There are 3 tiers of rings: The lesser, the Ring, and the Greater. The only difference between the 3 is the radius in which it can pick up XP off the ground.

You can easily transfer XP to and from the ring by shift + right-clicking while holding the ring. Either the XP will transfer away from you to the ring or vice versa. This also works by shift + right-clicking on a friend to instantly transfer the XP to them instead.

You will need the Baubles mod for this mod to work, found here.

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