Dried Spice

Dried Spice is a tea mod that expands the types of tea that can be made and gives special buffs and abilities depending on which tea you drink. There are several new tea concoctions as well as new crops to grow each of them. You will first need to craft a few things to get started like a mud cup made from three pieces of packed mud. Then you will need a stove and a copper tea kettle. The tea kettle sits right on top of the stove and then you can brew tea from it like any other “crafting station” once you have the ingredients you need.

There are a few new ingredients that you will find along your travels and those will be necessary to make the teas correctly. If you want to make a simple black tea then you will need a mud cup with water, a pepper, sugar, and hanging roots. The pepper will be the new ingredient added with this mod and you can find them in bastion chests or by bartering with piglins. They can also be turned into seeds and harvested for easier gathering. On their own they can also be eaten to grant fire resistance for ten seconds. So once you have all of these ingredients you can then go back to your tea kettle and right click it. This will open up the crafting menu and you will have four slots for ingredients and one slot below for the mud cup of water. Place them in the correct slots and simply wait for the tea to start brewing! The perk you get from drinking black tea is you will have the ability to walk on lava for a brief period of time. This is where the pepper ingredient makes sense because of the likely location you will find them will be near lava. You will also immediately burst into flames after drinking it but there is nothing to worry about because you are immune to the fire until the buff runs out.

You can make mango tea that will give you immunity to fall damage for a brief time. Mangoes are found by shearing jungle leaves much the same way you would find apples from other trees. In addition to one mango you will also need an iron ingot, sugar and a honey block. When you drink the mango tea you will be granted the ‘steel feet’ buff for 2:30.

You can turn yourself truly invisible with a cup of honey tea but you will also lose -6 armor points and the ability to heal during the buff period. So while this tea will certainly get you by some hostile enemies, be sure you aren’t also in any other additional harm’s way. The invisibility effect will also only last for about 15 seconds as well so be sure to book it fast if you are trying to avoid something. To brew honey tea you will need two honey blocks, sugar, and an oxeye daisy so this recipe is relatively affordable and uses all items you likely already know how to obtain.

You can also make a cup of spicy hot cocoa by brewing milk, cocoa beans, sugar, and a pepper in your kettle. This drink is literally on fire once you pour it into your cup but it will grant whoever drinks it the ability to burn attackers for a brief period of time. This can be especially useful for any enemies that are vulnerable to fire but at the very least it will provide some additional passive damage while under attack.

There are several other types of teas you can brew with this mod that each give their own separate buffs so be sure to check out all of the options available that might fit what you need at any given time. Some will provide blast resistance or various degrees of health and armor regeneration as well as the ability to see through walls with the mushroom tea!

This mod does require the TipsyLib API to be installed alongside it and can be found here.

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