The Dendrology Mod adds 13 species of extinct trees to the game. You might think, “but if they’re extinct, how do we know where to find them?” Well that’s where this mod gets interesting. The saplings for the trees can only be found in hidden chests throughout your world. You may stumble across one deep in a cave or hidden in a mine.


If you enjoy the trees of Minecraft and wish for even more variety, then this mod is for you. They seemingly can grow anywhere you plant them but because of their rarity, you’ll want to make sure you don’t misplace their location. It’s most beneficial to plant the saplings you have, harvest the fully grown tree and it’s saplings and continue to populate the world with them. That’s your duty now that these trees have no natural way of spawning otherwise.


The neat thing about these trees is some grow differently from standard trees. A few look normal with slight differences but others are very tall, large, or twisty. They’re very neat and gives your world a bit of an exotic feel.


And with new trees comes new wood blocks. Thirteen new blocks to add more variety to your builds. And these blocks fit well within the natural world even if they are extinct.


This mod does also require the KoreSample API found here.

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Dendrology, 3.83 / 5 (117 votes)


  1. Very great mod! Now I can stop using the good old oak wood(:

    Ideas: Why not try adding more different blocks in? That would be great! Thanks.
    Since I updated my installer, my game won’t crash anymore! 😀


    February 20, 2015