Custom Selection Box

The Custom Selection Box mod shows you a clear and concise selection box that you can set to your own preferences. Sometimes it may be very unclear as to what you’re setting your sights on and which item you are trying to highlight to either edit, destroy or even place. Now the box is much clearer and completely editable to fit your needs.


You can set it be any range of colors in the RGB spectrum as well as setting the opacity. So if a particular color works better for you in certain areas or for your own vision, now you can set it how you like it.




And if the box is too thin for you then you can adjust the thickness of the outline and even the option to see depth of the boxes you select. You can eliminate the outline altogether if you prefer.



This is a particularly great mod to help improve your crafting sights and make your building that much better and easier to accomplish.

Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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