Craft++ is a Minecraft Enhancement mod that aims to be more like an expansion of the vanilla world. It doesn’t feel quite like a mod and all the additions are natural and feel normal in the game. You’ll get new enchantments, items, and abilities that you’ll wish you had before.


The Blazing enchantment is a great way to quickly smelt blocks as you mine them. Add it to a pick axe and it works just like a furnace to automatically smelt the blocks as it breaks them. And the homing enchantment will aim right at your target and has 3 tiers. Tier 1 works at 32 blocks, tier 2 at 64 and tier 3 at 128.


Dynamite is now available and works just like throwable TNT! Just right click where you want to throw it and stand back!


Stone and Obsidian boats are stronger than the frail wood ones and Obsidian will work in lava.


Signs have also been completely reworked giving you some better flexibility when placing them. They won’t automatically bring up the text GUI when you place them. Instead you’ll need an ink sack to start writing on it after it’s been placed. You can even erase what you wrote with a sponge wipe!


And you can now make a crafting pad that allows you to craft right from your inventory. Simply right-click with it in your hand and the crafting GUI will pop up.


These are just a few of the many things you can do with this mod. Everything is configurable to truly make Minecraft the game you want it to be without being too overpowered.

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Craft++, 3.80 / 5 (69 votes)


  1. Nice mod.
    Adds a lot of things and gives a use to two items that are rarely used.

    March 28, 2016